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Reform your traditional sales strategy, actualize 365/724 to intake business non-stop


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Seize the printing bespoke market to make more profit


No need to shoulder all routine, repeated, dull but crucial tasks


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Minimize manpower, it acts as the sales, customer service and order controller


Actualize Industry 4.0 to run a smart factory


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All-rounded Services from our team

fine-tune your production and cost data

create your customized products

implement your printing APP and storefront

simplify the online order inflow

help in your brand management

help in your APP pilot test before launching

perform parallel tests to ensure smoothness

help in upload your storefront APP to Apple and Android markets

the downloadable applications of all "MacMac SalesRobot" series

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Instruction on downloading files to mobile:

1) Locate the .apk file

2) Enable browser app setting to "Desktop Mode"

3) Check back and download the file

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SOP - Launch your own SalesRobot APP with ease

SOP - Operation of KenMac SalesRobot APP

Welcome to be a SalesRobot Consultant

SOP - Register as a KenMac SalesRobot APP Consultant

Courses for KenMac SalesRobot Consultant

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