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KenMac W2P helps you gain more business through mobile technology. What you need is our "W2P Salesforce” or “SalesRobot” to serve your customers.

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bespoke products

excellent for both standard and BESPOKE commercial printing, paper packaging, rigid box, book, envelop, folder, label, bag, etc. with multi-languages and multi-currencies

Orders fly in

your customers can place online printing orders to you by simply selecting product, quantity, paper, print color and finishing; then review quote, confirm order and make payment to you through few clicks

all-rounded support

you will be well supported with fine-tuning of production and cost data, creating your customized products and uploading your APP to Google, Apple and Android markets

W2P Salesforce

W2P Salesforce is developed for strengthening your printing business with the use of smartphones or tablets.

Your sales team can reply to customers’ Request for Quote, including bespoke products, in few minutes.

The App is built with technical know-hows and professionalism of the printing industry.

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Storefront (Printing Unlimited Ordering System - PUOS)

PUOS further booms your business by opening your own storefront.

Your customers can place printing orders, even for bespoke products, to you through this Storefront.

Your Storefront will be ready in the global markets of Google, Apple and Android in China.

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MacMac SalesRobot

Get StoreFront evolved to shoulder customer service, order administration and link with production to manifest running a smart factory as per Industry 4.0.

Seize the printing bespoke market to make more profit. Actualize 365/724 to intake business non-stop.

No need to shoulder all routine, repeated, dull but crucial tasks

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